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Sep 22

Breakthrough Gout Supplement

Doctor amazed buy gout supplement

Is gout stopping you from living your life? Does it hurt to stand on your feet for any length of time? When was the last time you had a flare up? Have you heard of Urcinol® a breakthrough gout supplement? Gout pain will cause your life to come to a dead stop. It prevents you …

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Feb 05

7 Natural Ways to Boost Your Immune System


Rather than waiting until cold and flu season to start boosting your immune system, Smart Life Healthy Body recommends that you work on building your immune system throughout the year. You never know when a virus or bacteria that doesn’t pay heed to the current season will find its way into your system. Utilize these …

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Jan 27

7 Sweet Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate


If you’re a chocolate lover, it may feel like you have to sacrifice a healthy body for your favorite treat. While this is true for sugary varieties like the milk chocolate found in most candy bars, at Smart Life Healthy Body we know that dark chocolate is actually a great proponent for good health. Stick …

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Jan 22

5 Quick Workouts When It’s Too Cold to Go to the Gym


In the article Healthy Habits for the New Year we suggested getting up 15 minutes earlier to do a quick morning workout.  If your day is packed and finding time for activity is difficult, getting up a few minutes early will be beneficial. At home workouts can be very beneficial to your day.  Getting the …

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Jan 14

Morning Breakfast Habits to Help You Lose Weight

Blog 1_13_14

Did you know January is weight loss awareness month?  I didn’t.  Maybe it’s in honor of all that holiday eating and new year weight loss resolutions. Let’s continue the theme from last week, small changes for big results in 2015, but get more specific and discuss breakfast!  Actionable tips to help your busy schedule.  Note: …

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